Buy & Hold Day 1

Make your Long-term property investments more lucrative with the right property, exit strategy and transaction control.

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Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent with more than 30 years of experience! His businesses specialize in fix and flip, property management, wholesaling, land-lording and traditional real estate services. He has found success in residential, land and light commercial real estate transactions. He loves speaking and is willing to share his extensive wealth of knowledge with you, allowing inexperienced investors to benefit from his financial success!


The Buy & Hold investment strategy will benefit both new and seasoned Real Estate Investors. Analyze and know when it is appropriate for a potential investment to be added to your long-term investment portfolio or whether it should be flipped, wholesaled or avoided completely. Learn how to differentiate between available funding options for specific properties and how to identify the cash flow variables and potential obstacles of each. Exit strategy is key, and this course will help you know yours before you purchase that investment property, even when you plan to keep it. Learn how to adjust your acquisition and negotiation strategies for investment properties located in Mortgage States vs. Deed of Trust States, and learn what title insurance does and does not protect.  Review the closing documents and other paperwork that is utilized in every transaction and is key to your investing success.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

  • 02

    Instructor Introduction and Class Overview

    Broker, investor and long time agent Cowboy Chris has been involved with just about "everything" real estate for over 30 years.  Learn from his very hands on perspective about buy and hold properties.

  • 03

    Getting Started

    Chris introduces his gut check slides, which include crucial information you need to know on how get started with buy and hold.

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    • 04

      Know Your Local Market

      Chris discusses the need to understand the market you will be investing in.

    • 05

      Key Terms & Definitions

      Chris goes through some key terms to know.

    • 06

      Financing Options & Resources

      Possible financing options are discussed.

    • 07

      Digging Into Financing

      Chris and the studio audience dig deeper into financing options.

    • 08

      Analyzing the Property

      Chris walks you through a quick analysis of a property.

    • 09

      Closing the Deal

      Chris takes you through all aspects of closing.

    • 10

      Now What?

      What do you do with your property now that you own it?

  • 11


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.