Financial Strategies

Match the right type of funding with your purchase. Identify the best account and strategy for each real estate transaction.

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J Massey

J. began his investing career living as a squatter in a foreclosed house. Once he became educated by Renatus, his investing career took off and he is now widely known for providing the best advice and strategies to other real estate investors. He enjoys solving problems through real estate transactions, closing deals and teaching others what he’s learned through experience. He is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and author of “Cashflow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy.”


Investing in real estate does take money, however, it doesn’t always have to be yours. Utilize your personal financial resources when needed, but also learn how to tap non-traditional funding sources like retirement accounts, 401ks, private money lenders, hard money lenders and your social network. Master real estate investor, J. Massey, teaches advanced real estate funding strategies that span the market. Learn which types of investments are best funded through retirement accounts, cash accounts, stock accounts, insurance accounts, and margin accounts. Learn the reasons behind making these financial decisions as an investor, and gain context for combining your resources within your network. Many transactions require multiple funding strategies on the same project to get the best deal and make your investment as lucrative as possible. Master them all right here.

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    Introduction and Class Expectations

  • 02

    Sources of Capital

  • 03

    Are You a Real Estate Investor

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    • 04

      Bottle of Water Example

    • 05

      Weaknesses in Your Resources

    • 06

      The Profit Analysis Quadrant and Appreciation

    • 07

      Appreciation Continued

    • 08

      Depreciation and Principle

    • 09

      Cash Flow and Rates

    • 10

      What Have we Learned Far

    • 11

      Real Deal Example

    • 12

      Real Deal Example Continued

    • 13

      Real Deal Recap

    • 14

      Transaction and Depreciation Question and Answer

    • 15

      How to Ask the Right Questions

    • 16

      Structuring Your Financing

    • 17

      Creative Acquisition and Understanding Depreciation

    • 18

      The Profit Analysis Quadrant Your Way

    • 19

      Fifty-Fifty Doesn't Always Mean Equal

    • 20

      Changing the Way You Negotiate

    • 21

      Do What You Do Best

    • 22

      Real Deal 2 Description and Analysis

    • 23

      Real Deal 2 Numbers

    • 24

      Real Deal 2 Depreciation Schedule

    • 25

      Triple Net Lease and Debt Service

    • 26

      26 - Bringing it All Together

    • 27

      27 - When Things Don't Go According to Plan

    • 28

      28 - Communicating Your Vision

  • 29

    29 - Real Deal 3 and Final Thoughts