Market Analysis

Know how to identify and  sort through data to find and use relevant information in locating and evaluating investment properties.

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Brian Sump

After 16 years as a diesel mechanic and only six months into his real estate investing career with Renatus, Brian Sump told his employer “it’s costing me too much money to keep working for you!” He now has over 100 successful real estate transactions under his belt, including subject-to’s, rehabs, wholesales, short sales, and fix-and-flips.  He has worked his way into the private money lending arena, where his money works for him! Brian now shares his knowledge with as many Renatus students as he can. 


"Mastering the market where your investment property is located is the key to creating success as a real estate investor. Master real estate investor and flipper Brian Sump, teaches you how to conquer the mountain of marketing data and how to extract pertinent information for accurate and reliable After Repair Values (ARVs) and establishing quality comparable sales (comps).  Learn industry terminology and the step by step process to successfully analyze your deal and look like a pro with contractors and clients. Discover how and where to find properties in local markets and the resources available to aid you in your transactions. Good data equals great decisions. Build your marketing confidence by understanding seller tactics and how to meet the needs of your clients. Develop your own personal marketing campaign so you call sell that property for top dollar when it is time to exit the investment and gain access to the equity you have created.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

  • 02

    Intro Terms and Definitions

    Brian shares his background and dives into important terminology.

  • 03

    Real Estate Trends

    Learn about the DUST system to evaluate property characteristics.

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    • 04

      What Determines Property Values

      Economics and politics play a massive role in the ups and downs of property values, but they aren't the only factors involved.

    • 05

      Dealing with the Competition

      Brian uses his experiences to explain and give suggestions for dealing with competition.

    • 06

      Finding Property

      What is your "Farming Area" and how do you decide what it should be.

    • 07

      County Records

      An online computer demonstration shows class members how to access property information and determine trends.

    • 08

      Comparative Market Analysis

      Why is a CMA such an essential element of your real estate investment plan? Brian explains the power of a solid CMA.

    • 09

      Breakout Session #1

      Pre-Assessment questions are answered, then Brian moves on to discuss a handout.

    • 10

      CMA Review: Breakout Session #2

      Analysis of the CMA handed out brings up new points and emphasis on the accuracy of a CMA.

    • 11

      CMA Review: Location Factors

      Aesthetics, education and property taxes are just three of the elements that make up location.

    • 12

      Valuation Methodologies

      What are your options when analyzing a property's value? Brian explains several methods, with their pros and cons.

    • 13


      Detailed analysis of a property inspection form solidifies the information taught to this point.

    • 14

      Cash Flow Analysis

      What is the difference between a cash-on-cash return and internal rate of return?

    • 15

      Homework Wrap-Up

      Brian dissects a title report for the class and encourages the class to seek honest, ethical  success.

  • 16


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.