Real Estate Marketing

Know exactly who you to communicate with and the most effective ways to reach them, utilizing both digital and traditional media.

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Hugh Zaretsky

Hugh Zaretsky has successfully taught and trained over 10,000 real estate investors to complete profitable real estate transactions by investing in single family, multi-family and commercial properties. He has been training investors/students for 12+ years. Hugh is a published author and has co-authored books with Bob Snyder and many of his successful students. Hugh also taught and trained licensed attorneys, real estate agents/brokers and mortgage brokers to think like real estate investors as a Continuing Education Instructor.


Don’t you want to utilize the most powerful marketing skills and tools available on the market today? Marketing is not just about selling your completed projects, it is about finding the property leads and business connections that literally launch your investing career. Learn how to apply your creativity in advertising and increase the speed at which you connect with the right people for your investment properties. This course begins by helping you to identify the target market for each individual investment property, then use reverse marketing to break into that market and get more deals. When you understand the needs of the market and learn how to effectively target that niche, your business opportunities will flourish! Learn how to get sellers to contact you with potential properties and how to start marketing the property before you have even closed. Anchor your learning with real world examples and case studies taught by one of the best there is. Learn how social media and marketing are changing the way investors buy, sell and find properties, while you master tried and true marketing techniques that will build both your business and investment portfolio. From newspapers to Facebook, learn the strategies that are appropriate and effective for the particular market where you are building your business or your portfolio. This prepares you to develop and implement your own rewarding marketing strategies leading the way to financial success!

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Introduction and Instructor Background

    Marketing is the foundation of all we do in real estate.  Hugh Zaretsky will teach you to build your brand, how to get sellers to contact you.  He will also discuss networking and marketing skills for you, as the buyer, and several apps and social media to help automate your business.

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    Class Introduction

    How can you market without sounding like a "used car salesman"?  Hugh introduces the basics of marketing, including the two major target categories you need to address.

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      Being an IMA makes You a Better Investor

      IMA training teaches numerous marketing skills, from lead generation to learning to answer questions quickly, for effective time management.

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      Being an IMA makes You a Better Investor Continued

      IMA training also teaches everything from managing your pipeline to understanding ROI and managing the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

    • 06

      Warm Market v. Cold Market

      Hugh discusses the difference between a warm market (those you already know) and cold market (those who respond to ads you place and/or use for funding, repairs, and other work in your business).

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      Key Marketing Terms and Definitions

      Hugh runs through key terms and definitions, such as conversion ratio and split testing, that you will use in your marketing campaigns.

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      Where to Market

      From websites and social media, to signs and billboards, Hugh discusses some common and uncommon places to advertise.

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      When using Facebook, create at least two accounts: one for personal and one for business use. Don't be too stiff; have fun with it.

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      Facebook Ads

      Learn how to set up effective, targeted Facebook ads to promote your business.

    • 11

      Facebook Ad Question and Answer

      Hugh answers audience questions regarding Facebook ads, such as where can you see the results of a targeted ad.

    • 12

      Facebook Live

      Hugh and the studio audience demonstrate Facebook live.

    • 13

      Social Media Where to Start

      Discussion of multiple social media sources including Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

    • 14

      Google+ And Other Social Media

      Google is the #1 search engine in the world. How can Google + help you to connect and build your business?

    • 15

      Business Cards, Signs, and Other Print Media

      What message is your busines card sending?  Drop cards, signage (including hand written), newspapers and other traditional print media are covered here.

    • 16

      Text and Mobile, Cars, and Your Team

      Text blasts can be a very effective means of reaching a lot of people at once.  Learn how to use text, mobile, your car, and your investment team to market your business.

    • 17

      Your Website and Agents

      You can have 100 different websites within the Renatus IOS system.  Learn how to create them here.

    • 18

      Super Saturdays and Recap

      Super Saturdays, another IMA benefit, can give you a great resource to help solve problems for your contacts.

    • 19

      Building Your Real Estate Brand

      Your brand is your personal identifier.  People must trust you, and like you, to want to do business with you.  How can you create a brand that people are attracted to?

    • 20

      Write Your Brand Statement

      What is different about the way you do business from others in your field?  What will attract people to do business with you?

    • 21

      Building Your Website

      Renatus IOS offers the ability to build up to 100 websites seamlessly.  Hugh builds one right here in about 8 minutes.

    • 22

      Getting Sellers to Contact You

      Hugh discusses some keys to understanding seller motivation, like why are they selling and how quickly they need to move.  Key words to look for in ads (such as REO, divorce, and relocation) are also discussed.

    • 23

      Getting Sellers to Contact You- Ad Writing Excercise

      Hugh reveals tips to writing ads that get results.

    • 24

      Marketing for Buyers

      Who is your target market and how can you attract them to your property? Decide up front who you are wanting to attract, and focus your ads on that audience.

    • 25

      Ad Writing Exercise

      Don't get caught in advertising traps.  Hugh critiques ads from the studio audience and discusses laws and regulations that must be followed when advertising.

    • 26

      Apps to Run Your Business and Automating Social Media

      Would you like to run your business from your cell phone.  Hugh shows you what you can do.

    • 27

      Automating Social Media Continued

      Hugh describes several aps (Mint, Quickbooks, and Fiverr) that can help you to automate the processes of your business.

    • 28


      Connecting with others is what marketing is all about.  Hugh discusses relationship building, the acronym FORM, and the law of reciprocity.

    • 29

      Networking Continued

      Attending or creating events is a great way to network. Be prepared when you go, with a goal in mind and key questions to ask.

    • 30

      Survey Questions and Finding People With Money

      Where are some places to hang out, to build relationships with individuals who have high net worth? These are the places you want to be, to meet the people with money for your deals.

    • 31

      Take Action and Get Started

      It's time to put this education to work: Remember the 80/20 rule, 80 % action, 20% education.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.