National Conference

The Renatus National Conference is the pinnacle of events for the entire Renatus Affiliate Marketing community. In celebration of the year in your Renatus business, Independent Marketing Affiliates (IMAs) from all across the country gather for a powerful experience that serves as the catalyst for Affiliate success throughout the year.

Building on the enlightening local events and the educational and motivational Regional Training Conferences, the National Conference is designed to ignite the fire that lies within the hearts of the Renatus IMAs. Attendees will be educated and motivated as they participate in two full days of interactive training with Renatus CEO Bob Snyder, select Founders Advisory Board members, Independent Marketing Affiliates, professional sales trainers, motivational speakers and fellow entrepreneurs. Entertainment and award ceremonies top off the spectacular experience.

Expect to be moved to new levels of performance at the National Conference. Here’s a sampling of the top-notch programs delivered at previous National Conferences:

  • Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Spokesperson for the Presidents Financial Literacy Commission, Sharon Lechter has changed lives around the world through her teachings and philosophies on wealth creation and personal accountability. Her time on Stage at the Renatus National Conference accelerated the wealth mindset needed to succeed in business and life.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) expert Scott Tash empowered the audience with the language of persuasion as he taught participants how to utilize the proven science of auto suggestion.
  • Social Media training by Mr. Ben Dixon. Mr. Dixon, a Master trainer who has gained National Recognition through his nuts and bolts teaching style, taught participants how to expand their influence and brand through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. His training paved the way for Renatus Affiliates to connect with individuals across the nation who are searching desperately for financial independence.
  • The Renatus “Four Money Making Activities” were taught by FAB Members, Scott and Nanci Rowe, Bob Tierney, James Lies, Hugh Zaretsky and Richard Stock.
  • Testimonial Showcase: “Facts Tell and Stories Sell”.  Select Renatus community members shared their journey to high achievement. Their remarkable stories inspire and empower attendees to reach their dreams.
  • Renatus CEO, Mr. Bob Snyder shared his philosophy of responsible, team-focused wealth creation. Mr. Snyder’s business success has produced companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in collective revenues and has created personal marketing teams with numbers in the tens of thousands. Attendees learned from this master marketer and business builder as he walked through the steps to reaching financial success.
  • Special Musical Performances by rising music star, Brittney Snyder . Brittney performed songs from her new album, including the theme song for the 2012 National Conference, “Stronger Than You Know”.
  • SULADIO Award Ceremony:  A recognition and celebration of success for all aspects of our business, the award ceremony has proven to be one of the most memorable parts of our National Event. It’s a time when our National Conference theme is realized through the experience and sacrifice of deserving Renatus IMAs.

The Renatus National Conference is created to drive business success through individual transformation. It’s where the business goes from your head to your heart and where your life’s purpose manifests itself as you personally break through to success. As a Renatus IMA, this life-changing event is where you realize your true potential and gain the confidence and strength reach your goals. Watch the Renatus Calendar for the next scheduled National Conference.