Regional Trainings

“These Renatus Regional Training events change lives by positively charging participants with the faith, hope and confidence needed to succeed.”
Founder’s Advisory Board Member – Scott Rowe

Motivation is a key component to high performance. It is something thriving sales people and successful entrepreneurs maintain through their passion, drive, and hunger for personal achievement. As an Independent Marketing Affiliate (IMA) you will have access to highly trained and skilled leaders who will motivate, inspire and teach you how to be more motivated, how to stay more motivated and how to create the life you desire.

Renatus Regional Training Conferences are sponsored by the top leaders across the nation. These two-day educational and motivational events are held annually or semi-annually for all IMAs and invited guests. Renatus leaders and special guest trainers share proven strategies and trade secrets that have produced winning results in their own businesses. CEO Bob Snyder contributes to the instruction and delivers his inspirational message for success. These trainers hold nothing back as they disclose the practical building blocks and deliver powerful mindset techniques that you can apply to your Renatus business.

In addition to the valuable training, recognition for a job well done is a significant part of the Renatus Community. The Regional Training Conferences provide a great opportunity to spotlight outstanding IMAs—on their way to joining the ranks of Renatus leadership—and to recognize those who contribute so much to the success of local Renatus communities. Formal award presentations are a memorable and emotionally moving aspect of Regional Trainings.

Regional Trainings are an integral part of maintaining the health and stability of the Renatus Community. The momentum that is created through these live events is nothing short of incredible. Refer to the Renatus Calendar for times and dates of the next Regional Training Conference in your area.