2013 – Fantastic 5 Competition:

The Fantastic 5 sales competition was an amazing event which lead into the 2013 Renatus Leaders Retreat in Cancun, Mexico. As the Founder’s Advisory Board (FAB) members sat this one out, it gave a chance for new and developing teams to show what they can do. The competition was neck and neck and every week the leader board would change as teams were generating more and more success.

In the end the champions emerged and were congratulated with a reception held in the Presidential Sweet of the Moon Palace Resort in their honor.

The Champions are as follows:

Champion, Kendall Stock is a strong team leader out of Southern California. He is a seasoned real estate professional with a strong team surrounding him. Inside of 60 days he was able to build his business from the ground up to become the Renatus top-income earner. He is our Fantastic 5 Champion.

Second Place, Donna Lee leads a team out of Lakewood, California. She is an amazing leader and has been inducted as an honored FAB in Training team member. She was able to lead her team and take second place as a fantastic 5 champion.

Third Place, Ram Mishra is a team leader out of New York City, New York. With the support of his amazing team and strong leadership, he was able to build and grow his business and take third place. Ram is a seasoned leader who inspires and creates growth nation-wide.

Fourth Place, Michael Huggins leads a strong team out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He has not only built a strong team he lead them to success as he placed fourth overall in the Fantastic 5 competition.

Fifth Place, Stuart and Tonia Rosenberg were able to earn their place as they took 5th place in the Fantastic 5 competition. As team leaders out of Salt Lake City, Utah, they were able to grow their business and celebrate their success in Cancun at the 2013 Renatus Leaders Retreat.

2012 – Super 7 Competition:

The Super 7 was an unprecedented sales competition leading up to the 2013 Renatus National Conference. Including all members of the Renatus Nation, this competition was a sprint to the finish. Tenured leaders and new affiliates alike were engaged as this competition featured both as contest finalists. In the end, each of the Super 7 Finalists earned their place on the podium.

In addition to the prestige of winning this challenging competition, the champion was awarded a seat on the Founder’s Advisory Board (FAB)!
The Finalists are as follows:

Champion, Dr. Gary Lawrence is the honored champion of the Super 7 sales contest! As a seasoned leader in the Phoenix, Arizona market, Dr. Lawrence lead his team to a strong finish. After months of competition, he guided his team to the top spot on the podium. In addition to winning, he won an honorary seat on the FAB.

Second Place, Richard Stock is a FAB member and leads one of the nation’s biggest teams in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a leader, Richard is dedicated to supporting his team to success. His leadership efforts placed him and his team firmly in the second seat.

Third Place, Jessica Spear is an honored FIT (FAB In Training) team member and respected leader operating in the Salt Lake City, Utah market. She earned her place with the support of her team.

Fourth Place, Hugh Zaretsky is a FAB member and leads a Nation-Wide team based out of New York City. As a respected and tenured team leader, Hugh has landed in the Fourth Place seat of the Super 7 Sales Competition.

Fifth Place, Kent Jones is a pivotal member of the Salt Lake City team. His drive and passion enabled him to earn the Fifth seat on our winners podium.

Sixth Place, Josh Waymen is a testament to passion and drive. Josh was able to grow his team using his excitement and energy. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Josh has become a beloved team leader.

Seventh Place, Scott and Nanci Rowe are beloved FAB members and team leaders in Chicago, Illinois. Serving on of the biggest teams both locally and nationwide, Scott and Nanci embody servant leadership. They earned their place as Super 7 Champions!