Small Business Payroll

As your investments grow, so does your business. If you have employees, a knowledge of payroll standards and regulations is vital.

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Kathleen Fox

In 2001, Kathleen formed Payroll City to provide quality, full-service payroll for small to medium size companies. With the motto of “Rediscover Service” in mind, Payroll City strives to make every client feel like they are their only client. An advocate of reducing duplication of effort and utilizing technology to its fullest advantage, Kathleen currently guides the company’s strategic direction and influences the development of Payroll City’s proprietary payroll software.


Small businesses that manage real estate investment portfolios and properties can quickly grow to a size that requires full and/or part-time employees. As a business owner you will need the tools to properly handle, manage and report payroll and insurance contributions. Kathleen Fox the founder and CEO of Payroll City, gives you an in-depth look at how to get the first payroll for your company set-up and started. Go over the details of the forms and required submissions to make your payroll compliant with federal and state regulations and lay the foundation for smooth and accurate reporting in the future. Compliance is key and Kathleen’s comprehensive divulgence of regulation and standards of practice is clear, concise and easy to follow. She shares tricks of the trade and common pitfalls that new business owners experience as they establish their own payroll systems. Kathleen also shares how payroll outsourcing works and when it might be the most cost effective and time saving decision for your business. Take control of your business future by mastering your Small Business Payroll with expert help from Renatus and Payroll Guru, Kathleen Fox.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Intro and Class Expectations

    Kathleen Fox is the experienced and successful CEO of Payroll City. She jumps right into the complexities of doing payroll as a small business owner.

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    Frequently Used Words - W2 And Your Entity

    What are the first steps to take and the important terms you need to know ?

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      W4, Identification, I9, And Document Retention

      Know what data to collect for I-9 and W-4 forms and what onboarding documents you need completed as an employer.

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      Learn how to determine deductions and what you should, or should not, suggest for your employee's deductions.

    • 06

      Pay Periods

      Cash flow and other scheduling concerns when choosing your company's pay periods.

    • 07

      The IRS - Wages And Tax Rates

      What taxes are employers required to pay the IRS from their employee's income?

    • 08

      Wage Base and Paycheck Calculations

      How to check your state's wage base and calculate paycheck details.

    • 09

      Question and Answer

      Kathleen addresses questions about payroll and taxes from the live classroom.

    • 10

      Paying Taxes Timely

      Federal 941 and State Withholding taxes are discussed, and the instructor shares her reasoning behind paying monthly as opposed to quarterly.

    • 11

      Paying Taxes

      Using online resources is now a viable option for submitting payments, in most situations.

    • 12

      What to Look For When Outsourcing Payroll

      For those who do not want to personally handle the payroll for their company, Kathleen shares what characteristics will indicate a reliable outsourcing option.

    • 13

      Deductions - Children's W2s And 1099s

      As she answers questions from the class, Kathleen addresses issues such as paying children and uneven payment amounts.

    • 14

      Calculator and Federal Unemployment

      Unemployment taxes are due quarterly; learn how to calculate and pay them.

    • 15

      Filing Returns and Example Forms

      Filing reports with the federal system, including timing, calculations and adjustments.

    • 16

      State Reports

      How do state reports differ from federal reports? Kathleen covers the details in this segment.

    • 17

      Filing Annual Reports

      Annual reports consist of W-2's and W-3's, but they are not filed with the IRS. The process is explained by our instructor.

    • 18

      Question and Answer Outsourcing - Personal Payroll And Dividends

      What software is commonly used and the locations of the forms covered in this class, are two of the topics introduced by the audience.

    • 19

      Final Question and Answer

      Learn some ways to keep communications smooth and functional between your business and an outsourcing payroll company.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.