Tax & Legal Day 2

Knowledge is the key to keeping what you make, and these tips will guide you to the best tax & legal decisions for your business.

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Mark Kohler

Mark is an Attorney, CPA, National speaker, Radio Show host, and Best Selling Author. His newest book is titled: The Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom – What Wall Street Isn’t Telling You. Mark also publishes an E-newsletter, is a contributor and Blogger for Mark practices as a senior partner at the law firm Kyler Kohler Ostermiller & Sorenson, LLP¸ and is  a senior and founding partner in the accounting firm Kohler & Eyre, CPAs, LLC. 


" One of our most popular courses by far, CPA/Attorney Mark Kohler will blow your mind with new strategies for maximizing your cashflow by minimizing what you pay in taxes. Be prepared and protected! This course covers planning, protection, deductions, entities and assets. Learn everything from the foundational tax and legal strategies, to determining how and when you should form a business, and how to turn that business into a cornerstone of your wealth management program. Learn how to legally move from taking 5-15 typical deductions to taking advantage of over 450 expenses and deductions as a business owner. Small business drives more than 70% of the US economy, as a small business owner you are entitled to take advantage of many of the same (and often more) tax strategies than Big Business. Isn’t it your turn to pay less and spend more? Over two days you will explore how to legally pay your children, how to maximize contributions to retirement accounts, how to protect your assets for the long term, and learn why everyone needs to buy at least one investment property per year. High energy and high impact, Mark will show you how he manages his cashflow to pay the US government as little as possible and how you can too. Discussions will include small business basics, choice of entity and options, rental real estate and advance sale of property tax strategies, and asset protection.  Sit back, hold on and take notes, as Mark shares over 100 individual strategies for wealth accumulation and investing success.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

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    Investing Your Profits and Intro to Self-Directing

    Mark introduces the goal of fighting the American tradition of spending more than we make and issues a challenge.

  • 03

    Saving Rather Than Spending

    Questions from the class are addressed and a video is shared to make an important point about spending habits.

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      Structures and Savings

      Learn what part tax-deferred structures can play in  your financial future and compare the various retirement plan options.

    • 05

      Building Your Investment Bucket

      How much money should be put into an account, so that you have what you need, when you need it? Mark uses an example to answer this question.

    • 06

      401K and Asset Protection

      A story is used to make the point that a 401K-owned asset is protected.

    • 07

      401K- Why Doesn't Wall Street Tell You This?

      The answer is surprisingly simple.

    • 08

      401K and Asset Protection Q & A

      Mark describes the process of using two different buckets to purchase investment properties, and the reasoning behind it.

    • 09

      Self-Directed IRA Structure

      When is it necessary to create an LLC through your IRA, and what are the regulations you need to know?

    • 10

      Partnering and Protection

      Three partnership principles are explained in detail to protect learners from  legal challenges resulting from transactions.

    • 11

      Partnering- Question and Answer

      Mark reviews information covered and reinforces knowledge through answering questions from class members about structures and IRAs.

    • 12

      Healthcare Savings, Tax Planning and Custodians

      IRA custodians are explained in answer to a question, then Mark dives into the ways healthcare can be affected by your financial decisions.

    • 13

      Kohler Care

      Strategies and suggestions for making the most of your healthcare situation.

    • 14

      Kohler Care and How To Pay for Insurance

      S-corps and real estate professionals can be used to avoid unnecessary health insurance costs.

    • 15

      Kohler Care Strategies Continued and Deduct Your Healthcare Costs

      How does a healthcare sharing ministry affect your healthcare costs? And what tax credit can you get for employee healthcare?

    • 16

      HSA Question and Answer

      The basic benefits of HSAs are examined, along with opening multiple HSAs and finding the best solution for your situation.

    • 17

      HRA- Good News and Bad News

      A Health Reimbursement Arrangement is a possibility for business owners, though it does have some limitations.

    • 18

      HRA- Married Vs. Single Scenarios

      Marital status has an effect on your HRA, which Mark explains before he answers questions on the topic.

    • 19

      HSA and HRA- Question and Answer 2

      When to utilize a custodian and how to increase your HSA past the set deposit limitations through wise investments.

    • 20

      Identity Theft and Privacy

      Do you have the equivalent of Kevlar vest and camouflage for your identity protection? The example used by Mark demonstrates the necessity of security.

    • 21

      Identity Theft and Privacy- Additional Resources and 4 Levels of Privacy

      Several useful resources are recommended to give a deeper understanding of the steps that can be taken to protect yourself from identity theft.

    • 22

      Identity Theft and Privacy- Level 1 Procedures

      15 specific procedures everyone can enact to defer most threats of identity theft.

    • 23

      Identity Theft and Privacy- Level 2 Procedures

      Procedures that enlist the assistance of legal services, from utilizing the post office to using LLCs to hide your identity.

    • 24

      Identity Theft and Privacy- Level 3 and 4 Procedures

      More intense protection, with extreme measures to eliminate any public information about you and your history.

    • 25

      Identity Theft and Privacy- Q&A

      Questions answered about assets and S-corps.

    • 26

      Estate Planning and Leaving a Dynasty

      What are the results of dying without a will? Fifty percent of Americans don't have one, but Mark share a story that emphasizes the necessity of having a will.

    • 27

      Will Vs. Trust

      Comparison and contrast of a will and a trust, with details discussed as answers to class questions.

    • 28

      Will Vs. Trust Q&A - Using the Trust Name like a Driver's License

      Mark shares how to use the trust name and what types of clauses and provisions you can include in your trust.

    • 29

      Unconventional Estate Planning Nightmares- Guns, Pets, Media and Disinheriting

      Resources are provided for each of these unusual estate planning issues.

    • 30

      Is the Trust Revocable or Irrevocable?

      Most trusts are revocable, find out why this is the case and when a trust becomes irrevocable.

    • 31

      Complete Estate Plan- Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directive

      How does power of attorney and advance directive affect your loved ones? Mark discusses how to make decisions now to ensure smooth processes after a death.

    • 32

      Legacy Planning-Charitable Remainder Trust

      Discover the secret to donating your property to charity, while still providing annual income for loved ones.

    • 33

      Tax Tools and Networking- Top Ten Take-aways

      The most important actions you need to take, based on the information that has been provided in this class, from goals to receipts, and advisory board to emergency fund.

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    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.