• The Renatus College

    The Renatus College

    Take a look inside as students share their experiences at the Renatus College. This is how we are changing lives.

  • Bob Snyder Interview

    Bob Snyder Interview

    Founder and CEO, Bob Snyder gives an introduction to the Renatus opportunity. He discusses how Renatus is the vehicle of success for thousands of investors.

  • Jim Allfrey Interview

    Jim Allfrey Interview

    Jim Allfrey is the director of American Pension 401K services. In this short interview he details the opportunity of today\'s market.

  • Christian George Interview

    Christian George Interview

    Christian sat down to discuss his experience. As the newest Renatus instructor, he adds a new element to the education with his Title, Closing and Escrow class.

  • The Great Real Estate Comeback!

    The Great Real Estate Comeback!

    The Great Real Estate Comeback is happening now! Learn what the indicators are showing in this video.

  • Dr. Gary Lawrence Interview

    Dr. Gary Lawrence Interview

    Broke and destitute at age 62, Dr. Lawrence re-bounded with Renatus and now earns more each year than any other time of his life.

  • Richard Stock Interview

    Richard Stock Interview

    Richard Stock was introduced to the Renatus Education Opportunity about 18 months ago. In that time he was able to generate his first $60,000 month.

  • Curtis DeYoung Interview

    Curtis DeYoung Interview

    President of American Pension Services, Curtis DeYoung talks about the power of the Renatus Education and Self-Directed Retirement Plans.

  • Chris WIlson

    Chris WIlson

    Practitioner Instructor Chris Wilson discusses the reasons why he teaches for Renatus and what it takes to be a successful Real Estate Investor.

  • Renatus Changing Lives

    Renatus Changing Lives

    Renatus Changing Lives! But dont take our word for it. View this testimonial video to meet students from coast to coast whos lives have been transformed through Renatus.

  • Matt Theriault

    Matt Theriault

    See how a former Marine, Ex-Music Producer and Ex-Real Estate Agent gained his freedom as a full time Real Estate Investor.

  • J Massey

    J Massey

    Before Renatus, medical hardship forced J. and his family to live in foreclosed and bank owned property as squatters. Using the Renatus education, J. now owns over 200 units.

  • Charles Hosea

    Charles Hosea

    After more than a decade of building his social service business, Charles has had life-changing results creating true financial freedom through real estate investing.

  • Forrest Bledsoe

    Forrest Bledsoe

    As a medical professional, Forrest watched colleagues build wealth through real estate investing. Through Renatus, he has exceeded their success!

Social Proof: What Others Say Matters Most

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Finally: A solution to achieve cash-flow and build wealth!

True financial freedom allows you to live a life of abundance today while creating a secure future. To achieve this, you need to have the resources and ability to generate cash-flow for income while you’re passively building your long-term wealth.

Renatus, “your way to wealth and prosperity”, brings you two powerful methods to attain those objectives: affiliate marketing and real estate. Generate immediate income using the power of affiliate marketing and build a portfolio of profitable real estate investments to secure your future. This is the Renatus “Wealth Cycle”.

How does the Renatus Wealth Cycle work?

  • Generate income today: Renatus will pay you to refer students to our real estate education programs. It’s quick and easy to become your own boss as an Independent Marketing Affiliate and start earning income from $1,000 to $6,850 per student!
  • Build long-term wealth: While you’re earning income through Affiliate Marketing, you can utilize the educational courses to learn how to profitably invest in real estate. Your residual cash-flow can help fuel your real estate investments.

Learn Real Estate Investing

An unrivaled educational program taught by Industry professionals is at the core of the Renatus wealth cycle. Through a scientifically proven educational process, you will learn current methods of real estate investing strategies to earn profits.

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Create Immediate Cashflow

What do you do when you love something? Share it with your friends! With the Renatus Affiliate Program you can get paid to share your success and the education you love. Word of mouth has proven to be a powerful force in purchase decisions. Harness that power and see how you can profit from it.

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