Understanding Credit Day 2

Take control of your credit report, make necessary disputes or corrections, & increase your participation in the investing world.

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Eric Counts

Eric is an author, business trainer and nationally featured speaker. His extensive knowledge of credit and credit repair have gained him audiences with the likes of Wells Fargo, Regions Bank and Century 21 branches across the country. He is the President/CEO of CreditNerds and has served as an expert witness to lawmakers in the matters of credit and debt collection. Now he applies that same information to help you qualify for lending assistance and get busy building your investment portfolio.


The master of credit, expert credit witness, credit consultant and the CEO and founder of Credit Nerds Credit Repair, Eric guides us smoothly through the credit dispute process. Understand your rights as a debtor and the how you can legally dispute incorrect information on your credit reports. Eric shares 12 tactics to help repair your credit, eliminate reporting errors and maximize your borrowing power as a credit consumer. From basic credit bureau disputes to proof of contract and debt validation, this course has the information you need to repair your credit and increase your buying power.

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    This Pre-Assessment is to raise awareness of your current knowledge level and give you a glimpse of the information covered in this course.

  • 02

    Introduction to Credit Repair

    Eric presents the course goals: Understand your rights, the dispute process and possible credit repair tactics.

  • 03

    Rule #1: Never Lie!

    Before beginning any credit repair, remember the #1 rule, and the two keys to credit repair: time and persistence).

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    • 04

      Fair Credit Reporting Act

    • 05

      Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

      Learn how to take care of 20% of the negative items in a short amount of time.

    • 06

      Who can pull credit?

      Eric discusses application of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to your credit management and repair.

    • 07


      An example is used to share an overview of the dispute process.

    • 08

      FCRA Continued

      Eric guides the class, step by step, through the remainder of the FCRA, noting it's application to individuals in need of credit repair.

    • 09


      The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is thoroughly explained.

    • 10

      Legal Debt Collection Practices

      The discussion of the FDCPA and collection practices is continued with class questions being answered.

    • 11

      The Dispute Process

      What really happens when you send in a dispute?

    • 12

      Credit Repair Tactics

      In the process of reviewing assessment questions, Eric covers some useful tactics.

    • 13

      Additional Repair Tactics

      In addition to the squeaky wheel tactic, Eric focuses on eight other options to improve your credit score.

    • 14

      Item Specific Disputes

      Examples and experiences shed some light on possible credit repair options.

    • 15

      Late Payments

      Will asking nicely make a difference?

    • 16

      Charge Offs

      More tactics are introduced and discussed, and applied to specific situations.

    • 17

      Be. Credit. Smart.

      Eric finishes up with a specific example and a review of assessment questions and answers.

  • 18


    This Post-Assessment is to measure your increased knowledge and see how much information you have retained from the course.